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King Lear – Northern Broadsides

[Northern Broadsides production, Rose Theatre Kingston, 19-23 May 2015]

Shakespeare’s King Lear is one of his most powerful tragedies, with fathers estranged from the children who truly love them and betrayed by those who merely pretended to. At the end of the play the dead outnumber the living and what redemption has been achieved has been painfully and fatally bought.

Northern Broadsides’ production at Kingston’s Rose is plain and unadorned, staged by the director Jonathan Miller as if in a Jacobean court theatre with no scenery, subdued lighting, the minimum of props and with the cast wearing 17th century dress. Continue reading

Each His Own Wilderness – Doris Lessing

Joel MacCormack with Rosie Holden

Joel MacCormack with Rosie Holden

[Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond. 15 April – 16 May 2015]

Myra Bolton leads a hugely complicated life. Her house is littered with books, pamphlets and newspapers, as well as friends, lovers, ex-lovers, would-be lovers, and the lovers of ex-lovers. They all discuss politics “with the passionate intensity others reserve for sex”. She moves from protest march to committee meeting to yet another campaign.

Back into this chaos comes her 22 year old son Tony, returning from two years of National Service. The army gave him the order and stability his life had never had and now all he wants is to be back in his old room in the house that was the only constant part of his childhood. Continue reading