Day: 20 March 2015

  PREVIOUS: MONET – THE GARE ST LAZARE Sunflowers: Vincent van Gogh: 1888 This painting is probably very familiar to you, because it’s one of the most famous in the world. The postcard of this is the best-selling card in the National Gallery shop, and the floor here is the most scuffed in the gallery. […]
  PREVIOUS: RUBENS – HET STEEN Philip IV of Spain in Brown and Silver: Diego Velázquez: about 1631-2 This splendid figure, resplendent in a formal costume embroidered with silver thread, is Philip IV of Spain – ruler of an empire that, even though it was in decline, spanned the globe; it was the first empire of […]
PREVIOUS: REMBRANDT – THE WOMAN TAKEN IN ADULTERY Seaport with the embarkation of St Ursula: Claude: 1641  We’re looking at an imaginary landscape, at a place that doesn’t exist. Some of the buildings are based on real buildings, but they’re being used here almost like set decoration, to provide a perfect composition. The sun is just rising […]
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