A Few Short Strolls this March

I’m taking part in the Prostate Cancer UK ‘March the Month‘ fundraiser this March. They want people to walk 11,000 steps a day during the month and get sponsorship/donations.

I’m hoping to do a bit better than that. I’ve said I’ll do 350,000 over the whole month (that’s around 11,300 a day on average), but the plan is to do a wee bit more. You can find out more (and donate a couple of quid) here.

A little over seven years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My chances (then) of getting to (now) were around 50%, but thanks to the team at St George’s and the Royal Marsden hospitals, utilising the research and new treatments of Prostate Cancer UK I’m still here and still healthy. Which (speaking purely personally) is A Good Thing.

You can chip in a few quid here if you’d like to support my (and, more importantly, their) efforts. All donations gratefully received. I’ll post updates on steps that I’ve done and screengrabs of my FitBit stats once March kicks off.

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