Welcome to the Stuff About London site.

What started as a blog of things that caught my interest as I wandered around the city grew somewhat when I became a London Blue Badge Guide. This means I now wander with purpose, and also spend a considerable amount of time in the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Tower, Westminster Abbey, the City and beyond. And that means the site has expanded a bit as I try to fit in all these notes. Current categories include:

  • The blog – a London miscellany of posts, photos and stuff that has caught my eye. You can find most of the locations of the blog posts on this map.
  • Walks –  this is where I’ll post up details of any guided walks that I’m doing, plus links to other people’s London walks (and if you want to be listed in this section, just drop me an email)
  • Treasures of the National Gallery – 20 great works from one of the finest collections of Western European art in the world. This is a linked online tour from painting to painting which starts here.
  • The British Museum – like the National Gallery, a selection of some of the most important works from the museum that I’ll be adding to as I go along.
  • City of London Walkeventually this will come together as a stroll around the City. There’s a map of the projected route here.
  • Theatre Reviews – I’ve started doing theatre reviews for Sheengate. I’ll also put them up here.

Current walks and museum tours can be found here.

If you want to be kept up to date with walks I’m organising (some of which will be free) and updates on when new sections are added, stick your email address into the space below.  I promise not to spam you or sell on the details to any third parties and, because it’s run through Mailchimp, there’ll be an unsubscribe button on everything that goes out.

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