1. Dear Mr Brown,
    I recently discovered your fascinating website. I really enjoy reading your well-informed and witty posts. A few years ago I came across a book written in 1946 called ‘Lost Treasures of London’ in which London historian William Kent describes six walks he undertook across the war-ravaged city. At the time it probably seemed unlikely that the churches and livery halls, etc that he passed would ever be rebuilt. There were some (including Kenneth Clarke and TS Eliot) who believed that the churches should be left ruined to provide suitable war memorials with gardens created within the open spaces. I think St Dunstan in the East and Christ Church Newgate are the only examples of this type of memorial. I have thought it would be interesting to retrace Kent’s footsteps and understand the subsequent history of the sites he visited for which his book might have served as an eulogy.

    • Thanks Richard, I’ll have to try and find a copy of the book as it must be a fascinating snapshot of the devastated city.

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