Love Letters to London

The London Society has a free to enter writing competition called ‘Love Letters to London‘. Write up to 500 words (or a poem) about the city on the theme of ‘recovery and resilience’ and you could win up to £900.

There are full details here, and I’ve had a bash below (as I’m the Director of the Society I can’t enter the competition proper).

If you’re on social media, look for the hashtag #LoveLettersToLondon

If you think you can do better – and I’m sure you can – you’ve got until 30 November to get your entry in. So get writing!

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The Museum of the Home

To the reopened (after a 3 ½ year, £18m+ revamp) Museum of the Home, a London Society tour with the museum director Sonia Solicari, and Naila Yousuf, the lead architect on the project from the firm of Wright + Wright.

Way back in the dark ages of the 1980s I lived in Hoxton where the museum is based, close to the Regent’s Canal, just off Kingsland Road. Those were the days before Hoxton became “Hoxton”, stamping ground for the Young British Artists and the ‘bleeding edge’ of privileged urban lifestyles masquerading as slumming it.

The museum was then known as the Geffrye Museum, so named because it was sited in the alms houses built in 1714 that had been funded from the estate of Robert Geffrye (more on him later). It was a series of rooms that captured the furnishings and style of different periods, showing what the living spaces of (comfortably off) families would have been like from the mid-1600s through to the 1950s.

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