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One thing that I always meant to do, but have never actually got around to doing, is to put up lists of favourite or recommended London books – a) to perhaps give you some thoughts on what you might read next, and b) to show off about how fantastically erudite and well-read I am. With […]
Another free online talk for you. Me and the rest of the gang at UKToursOnline did one of our ‘chats’ yesterday evening where we talked ghosts, witches, the supernatural and other bits of London lore and legends. You can see me discussing the Battersea Poltergeist, Tim Barron talks about haunted theatres, Rachel Pearson looks at […]
The London Society has a free to enter writing competition called ‘Love Letters to London‘. Write up to 500 words (or a poem) about the city on the theme of ‘recovery and resilience’ and you could win up to £900. There are full details here, and I’ve had a bash below (as I’m the Director […]
“When are you next up in town?” I ask my colleague who lives in the north of England. “Down,” she says, “Look at the map. You come down to London, not up.” But it’s always been coming ‘up’ to London, no matter where in the country one lives. (A similar thing pertains in Oxford – […]
WHAT: Statue of Sir Winston Churchill WHERE: Parliament Square (map) BY WHOM: Ivor Roberts-Jones WHEN: 1973
If you’ve never been to Westminster Abbey (or it’s ages since you last visited), now is the perfect time to go. The absence of foreign visitors and coach tours might be hitting some of us in the wallet, but the usually overcrowded cultural attractions – the Tower of London, the British Museum, our other museums […]
WHAT: Boudicca / Boadicea and her Daughters WHERE: Westminster Embankment (map) BY WHOM: Thomas Thorneycroft WHEN: 1902
A trip out of town to Eton, and on the recently restored west end of the Eton College Chapel, the magnificent gargoyle that you see in the image below. It is of Montague Rhodes (M.R.) James (1862-1936). Educated at Eton and at King’s College, Cambridge, he was a medieval scholar and became Provost of King’s […]
I actually thought it might be a good idea. It was certainly an idea worth exploring, and perhaps wacky/left field enough to work; plant a hill in the centre of the city, with flowers and trees. Bring a spot of the old rus to the very urbe Oxford Street. Give Nash’s poor, lost, isolated Marble […]
Back in the British Museum for the first time since lockdown and prepping for a real life tour with a real life guest. The Standard of Ur is an object I’ve walked past on numerous occasions, but until yesterday hadn’t ever really spent any time looking at. Its history and what it tells us about […]
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