Most secret: the story of the Bletchley Park codebreakers (video of online talk)

a german enigma machine

Discover the secrets of Bletchley Park’s codebreakers & the cracking of Enigma in this online talk. All ticket money goes to The Brain Tumour Charity – so if you watch this for free, please make a donation here.

Bletchley Park was the wartime home to a unique group of individuals, including geniuses like Alan Turing, Bill Tutte and Gordon Welchman.

Here the German’s ciphers were broken, shortening the war by two years or more and saving millions of lives. You will hear how this incredible organisation evolved from the codebreakers of WW1, the systems that produced ‘Ultra’ intelligence, the men and women who worked at ‘BP’, and the role of Winston Churchill.

For anyone interested in the secret history of the Second World War, this will be a fascinating 60 minutes.

All proceeds from the ticket sales will go to The Brain Tumour Charity – the world’s leading brain tumour charity and the largest dedicated funder of research into brain tumours globally – so please give generously.

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