More London pictures


Another wee selection of instagram snaps (also on flickr).


Thomas Heatherwick sculpture on Ave Maria Lane in EC4. They’re marked as ‘Paternoster Vents’ on Google maps – they are actual the cooling vents to electricity system in the basement.

38824375755_8e1bcafb7d_zAnother sculpture, Richard Kindersley’s ‘Seven Ages of Man‘ in the deeply ugly Baynard House on Queen Victoria Street. (The Mermaid Theatre used to be just round the corner, hence the Shakespearean allusion.)


A Francis Bacon street art/graffito portrait in Reece Mews, SW7. There’s a blue plaque to Bacon at the site of his studio here.


A quiet day in the Tate Modern.


A view from Waterloo Bridge. I don’t quite remember when it was all fields round here, but the view used to be just of the old IPC building (the tower in the foreground, now called the South Bank Tower). The building under construction to the left of the Shard is 1 Blackfriars, which the developers are hoping Londoners will call ‘The Vase’, although a colleague of mine refers to it as the ‘Kim Kardashian’. The squat, angular building to the right of the South Bank Tower is 240 Blackfriars Road.


The underside of the Millennium Bridge, from the City looking south across the river. You can see the cables here that define the bridge as a low level suspension bridge, part of the reason for its initial wobbliness.

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