2021 – the StuffAboutLondon year in review

Thanks very much for following the blog this year, and for coming on the virtual tours (and the handful of real life walks) that have been organised. There have been over 8,000 visitors to stuffaboutlondon.co.uk with over 11,000 views – a record year on both counts. It is very much appreciated.

There’ll be more posts in the new year (or perhaps sooner if I get too Scrooge like over Christmas) and for those of you who like lists, here are a couple of lists you might like. The first is of the top (most read) posts on the blog this year and the second the top five new posts. Cue ‘Pick of the Pops’ theme music:

Top five posts this year

  1. Henry VIII’s Wine Cellar read (no. 1 in 2020 as well)
  2. Scientists’ Corner, Westminster Abbey read (up from no.
  3. Commit No Nuisance read (non-mover)
  4. The Coronation Chair read (down 2 from no. 2)
  5. The Orangery, Clapham read (up 5 from no. 10)

And the top five new posts from 2021 are

  1. The Marble Arch Mound read
  2. Love Letters to London read
  3. American Memorials in London read
  4. The Camels of Eastcheap read
  5. A Dastardly Murder in Pall Mall read

There are more online talks and tours planned (you can see the list here), and there are recordings of some of the online stuff I’ve done recently here.

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